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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the worst blogger ever

ok, I've started two different blogs and if you noticed the last blog entry...I suck! I'm really going to try this again and my goal is at least one post a week...sound reasonable???

Maybe I'll even try to bling up the home page...maybe that is a little aggressive...hehehehe...:P

Anyway, the Red Lion is now the Radisson...should not impact the event in any way. Vendors are lined up, page kits are being kitted (maybe we'll sneak peak a few in weeks to come), door prizes have been purchased, goodie bags are filling up and registrations are being received.

We've had several past attendees request their same tables and we are happy to accommodate BUT you have to be paid to assure your choice spots. We'll let you know if it is not if you don't hear from us you are in your familiar spaces!

If you have any special requests and/or suggestions PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let us us at

til the next post...
one of the scrappin chicks (Bev)


Teri R. said...

Lovin' the blog. Can't wait to see more post and we can countdown the days together.

Heatherbell said...

love it - and since I"m paid up - I better make my seating request in "writing". Jana, Lisa, Angie and Susan were at the COLD table last year. I need to be at the COLD table this year please. I'm sure Jana, Lisa, Susan and Angie would GLADLY give up their seats at the COLD table - they may still have frost bite from April. I on the other hand am prone to hot flashes and welcome the frost bite :)

Teri said...

I'm paid too! I like where Karen and I were last year. By the second set of doors.

Melanie said...

Love the blog...but hating that Heather did NOT add that I want dibs on the cold table also!!! LOVED LOVED LOVED last event and can't wait for this one!!! Keep the bloggin' up Bev!! And I am with Teri, when can we start a count down? OH, I am going to add you to mt BLOG right now!!!

Karen said...

I am paid and I want my same seat. It was perfect. See ya tomorrow in Natchez!!!!