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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

$1,000 donated to Komen Foundation!

WOW!!!! Thanks everyone we couldn't have done it without the generousity of all you wonderful scrapbookers! The total contribution exceeded Tara and my expectations and then some.

We saw so much talent and had a little bit of fun, too. The bra decorating contest was incredible. Congrats to Susan Bankston for her 1st place entry - Eye of the Tiger, and 2nd place went to Heather Belanger for her Red and Black Lace number, with Brenda Brunet taking 3rd with for her matching bra and panties! I'll post some pics as soon as Dawn sends some... as my camera was missing it's memory card! Doncha hate when that

We're making plans and so should you...Our NSD crop will be April 30-May 2, 2010!!! Mark your calendars!!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Just a few more days...

OMG...I just lost my post...don'cha hate when that happens? Anyway, I'm needing to start a BIG checklist to make sure I bring everything. For some reason both Tara and I have way more stuff this time than for the past three events...Can you believe this is our 4th event???!!!!

There will be lots of croppin' going on and raisin' some $$$$ for a GREAT cause! Are you feeling PINK yet...we'll have a special raffle again this year with some awesome pink stuff with maybe a little of some other colors thrown in.

I did get my dirty scrapper surprise and secret sis items all wrapped up and ready for swappin'. Also finished bagging up my ribbon swap and Christmas card swap....I can't wait to see you all...Friday will be here in no time!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Xyron Pink Ribbon Sticker Maker

Here it is and sooooo cute...I have to have one, hope you do too! Xyron has donated a portion of their proceeds to the Komen Foundation and we are contibuting an additional $5 from each sale. We've added a permanent refill so you get a bargain to boot...just $12.50 for the dispenser and refill.

Monday, September 28, 2009

swappin' update

Did you hear that Tara is planning some new and different swaps? It is going to be sooooooo much fun and you don't have to wait until Christmas to participate in a "Dirty Santa Swap" or the least 2 chicks version of it.

So for the Dirty Swap will provide a $5-7 scrappy surprise (wrapped or otherwise disguised) and you will get a number in return. Tara will pull the first number and that lucky scrapper will get to pick and reveal the first surprise. That same scrapper will pick the next number and that scrapper can steal an "open" prize or select an unopened package. Each prize may be stolen 3 times and then it is considered safe from stealing. At the end of the revealing/stealing the first scrapper gets her turn to steal a package from those "available" for stealing...sounds like fun????

Monday, September 21, 2009

page kit sneak peak #2

Are you a page planner? Do you create on the fly? We've got some serious talent designing kits for fourth Scrappin' with the Chicks event in November. We'll be introducing "Kit-a-licous" exclusively at our event. We'll have one and two page layouts that will be ready for assembly and photos. Some of the themes will be seasonal, family, kids, School and an exclusive event based layout just for your "scrappin' chicks" pics! Here is a little christmas inpiration...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

less than two months...til the November Event

We are almost down to single digits! I'm about ready to start stuffing goodie bags. We've got some great stuff for everyone and fabulous door prizes to boot. I'll try to take a pic of something special and post before the week is out!

btw...happy birthay to me! Both Tara and I are Virgos...what does that mean? Her b-day was at the end of August (yes, she is a few days younger than and we are officially both in our 40's!!! uuuggghhhhhhhhhhhh!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

page kit sneak peak

Yes, I know I'm up past my bedtime but since I about a page kit sneak peak. The Kit-A-Licious designers have been putting together kits like crazy...isn't that the cutest name??!!! Well anyway how about this for cute stuff...

Is it September all ready?

Yikes...where does the time go? We're counting down and the Crop for the Cure with the Chicks will be here before you know it.

We've had a steady flow of registrations and are passed the half-way mark.

There are 16 full tables left and 10 half tables so.............what are you waiting for?

Tara and I might actually get a little cropping in for ourselves this weekend...hope you have a fabulous Labor Day Weekend!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

About our Sponsor...

If you missed it Scrapbook & Co celebrated their 3rd aniversary last Saturday with a BIG all-day crop, lots of prizes, make N takes, classes, food and FUN!

Tara and I both stopped by but we weren't in the lucky bunch of scrappers that were there all day. From the blog posts there was lots of happy scrappers :)

Denise has been our sponsor from the beginning and we sooooooooooooo appreciate all she does. Join us in wishing her another successful year!!!!

Check her blog out at if you leave a comment you'll be entered into a free crop drawing.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tables are filling up...

Yes, we do have tables left but the FULL tables are going fast! We have 17 full tables and 13 half tables remaining. We've been getting a few emails asking to "hold" a full table but the reality is when it is "paid" for is when it is reserved so once those last "full" tables are paid for there are only "half" tables available.

If you crop at a "half" table you will still enjoy a "full" weekend of scrap-happiness...we guarantee it!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

sneak peak - door prizes

We pretty much get door prizes in all the time right up 'til the event. For the Crop for the Cure we like to get some cute "pink" stuff to go along with the pinkness of Komen. For the November event we've got some real cuteness lined up...have you heard of the Imaginisce I-top Tool?

The I-top transforms an ordinary brad into a custom accent in an easy 2 step process. Just place your paper and blank brads and give a little squeeze. It's that easy! You just can't top it! The I-top Tool comes equipped to make 16mm and 22mm brads, and 28mm brads.

This will be one of our Biggee Door Prizes (with punches, a large brad adapter and extra blank brads for your creative pleasure!!!)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Limited Seating

If you've attended a Scrappin with the Chicks event before you know our group is a little smaller than the average scrapbook weekend. Tara and I made a conscious decision to limit our - to keep it manageable for us (yes, we do work regular day jobs...) and two - to keep it cozy for attendees. We also decided to offer full tables for $50 off a full table price ($100+$100=$200) which reduces the number of potential attendees (max of 90 at only half table seating.)

Long story short...55 is the magic number (35 - full tables and 20 - half tables.) With that said we expect the full tables to sell out pretty quickly...hopefully no hard feelings but if you register late you may only have a half table option. We'll still have lots of fun, door prizes and maybe even get a few layouts completed!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Back from Natchez

Good weather (not that we were out in it much!), good friends and the best breakfast ever (at the Eola Hotel) couldn't ask for much more (ok, maybe getting a few more layouts done would have been nice!)

We saw lots of familiar scrappin chicks and so many cute layouts being created.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and made it home safely!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

2 chicks on the road...

Both chicks are traveling to Natchez for Scrap N on the River. Hoping to see lots of our scrappin sista's. Tara and I both could use a little break! I'll be arriving Thursday evening and Tara will be pulling in Friday afternoon. If you are going to be in Natchez be sure and say hello.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the worst blogger ever

ok, I've started two different blogs and if you noticed the last blog entry...I suck! I'm really going to try this again and my goal is at least one post a week...sound reasonable???

Maybe I'll even try to bling up the home page...maybe that is a little aggressive...hehehehe...:P

Anyway, the Red Lion is now the Radisson...should not impact the event in any way. Vendors are lined up, page kits are being kitted (maybe we'll sneak peak a few in weeks to come), door prizes have been purchased, goodie bags are filling up and registrations are being received.

We've had several past attendees request their same tables and we are happy to accommodate BUT you have to be paid to assure your choice spots. We'll let you know if it is not if you don't hear from us you are in your familiar spaces!

If you have any special requests and/or suggestions PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let us us at

til the next post...
one of the scrappin chicks (Bev)