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Monday, September 28, 2009

swappin' update

Did you hear that Tara is planning some new and different swaps? It is going to be sooooooo much fun and you don't have to wait until Christmas to participate in a "Dirty Santa Swap" or the least 2 chicks version of it.

So for the Dirty Swap will provide a $5-7 scrappy surprise (wrapped or otherwise disguised) and you will get a number in return. Tara will pull the first number and that lucky scrapper will get to pick and reveal the first surprise. That same scrapper will pick the next number and that scrapper can steal an "open" prize or select an unopened package. Each prize may be stolen 3 times and then it is considered safe from stealing. At the end of the revealing/stealing the first scrapper gets her turn to steal a package from those "available" for stealing...sounds like fun????

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Melanie said...

YIPPEE, sounds like a blast!!!!